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About Us

IT Infrastructure Management and IT Solution Consulting

IT Support Express is consulting company providing services in IT Infrastructure Management, IT Solution Consulting and IT Training. We have team of engineers who work passionately in 24*365*7 format to assist our customer to keep their data secure available and confidential. Our every move is SLA driven to keep customer services more responsive to customer needs. We follow standard operating procedure for every task and log every change/move done by our engineers. We have expertise in number of commercial and open-source applications and products. We evaluate most of the latest core IT related products continuously in our test environments considering customer needs to provide cutting-edge technologies for customer business continuity plans.

At IT Support Express customer confidentiality, customer data security is top priority. We embed with customer work environments and work as an extension of Customer Company. We follow customer data security rules, customer internal standard operating procedures. We use standard encryption for all the data shared by customer. Ultimate Goal is keep customer data safe and secure.

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