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Data Centre Management Services

Data Centre Management Services

The confluence of IT and building facilities functions inside an organization is what is known as Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM). The predominant objective of a DCIM initiative is providing administrators with a wholesome approach to a data center’s performance so that energy, equipment and floor place are used to optimum effect. Relationships between a building and its IT systems can be located and identified with the help of DCIM tools. There is provision for installing energy-monitoring sensors and supporting hardware along all points of the power infrastructure to ensure that the DCIM software perfectly aggregate and analyze power usage effectiveness (PUE) together with cooling system energy efficiency. There are again quite a few companies and organizations which couple DCIM with computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis for optimizing air flow and systems placement in order to bring down cooling expenditure to a greater extent. This kind of approach is known as continuous modeling. It allows administrators to observe and quantify the engineering cause and the proposed IT or infrastructure changes without having spent any money beforehand.

The constant rise of data center size and complexity has led to the need of remote management solutions that are potentially capable of quickly accessing networking devices, servers and other mission-critical equipment.

Starting right from the installation process to providing 24*7*365 support, we at IT Support Express have at our disposal top-class industry-experts leveraging several decades of experience in Data Centres offering top-notch services to corporate companies, SMEs, telecoms, ASPs and governmental organizations supporting co-location and managed services facilities.

We provide state-of-the-art data center operations so as to meet, maintain and process the information processing requirements of our esteemed clients. We provide reliable and absolutely secure data center operations.

We at IT Support express thoroughly comprehend that it is of utmost importance in the present day context to be able to be constantly available for our customers, partners, vendors and suppliers which we follow in our practice to the fullest.

Our oracles are prudent enough to design, build and operate your data centres with absolute authority imbibing the latest technologies, scalable infrastructure along with energy efficient equipment totally tailor made for addressing your custom business requirements.

Setting up a cost effective programme by bringing into play optimized data center efficiency and integrating virtualization we protect your sensitive data by incorporating data security and ensure that your business continues to flow even on the instance of disaster through our well-equipped disaster management and comprehensive data recovery set-up plan.

We at IT Support Express are always devoted and determined to provide our customers with the best of services which include:

  • Consistently providing services to our customers with no dip in quality.
  • Capacity to cope up with increased services and demands.

Our dedicated pool of experts who are masters in data centre management always put in the extra yard to make sure that your business stays up and running all the time adhering to the best practices in the industry. The commitment and passion they have in their work are beyond question.

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